3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)
3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)

3D Printer Enclosure 2.0 (Ender/Prusa)

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Pro-Grade Enclosure designed from the ground up with 3D printing needs and workflow in mind. Designed for most common size printers, like the Prusa and Ender series.


Our enclosures feature flame retardant hardware to install a self contained fire suppression system (sold separately) designed for enclosures . The BlazeCut fire suppression system is self contained and maintenance free. This gives you a peace of mind, should anything happen, the fire will be extinguished instantly upon activation. 

Many DIY enclosures are made of wood, and other materials which can accelerate a fire. 


-Sleek and modern design, looks great in your office or in the shop.
- Precision CNC laser cut and bent Aluminum Sheet metal construction for toughness and durability.
- Designed to be easily assembled with basic hand tools.


- Stainless Steel Polished Hinges
- Space Saving, Push Button Latches for the side doors. This allows you to stack enclosures side by side without having to lose space with latches that stick out.
- Wing Latch on the front door.
- 3/16" Thick Acrylic Doors.


Add a touch of color with a selection of colored anodized hardware.


- Internal Filament spool holder with bearings
- Filament bowden guide Bracket
- Raspberry Pi & Touchscreen Bezel allows you to install a Raspberry Pi (sold separately) and Touch Capacitive touchscreen to the front of the enclosure. This allows you to run custom software like Octoprint & Octodash, for quick and easy local and remote monitoring and controlling.
- Internal Raspberry Pi Cam (sold separately) mount for monitoring your printer remotely.
- Rear fan ports allow you to use your own custom filtration system or exhaust fans for regulating the enclosure internal temperature. Don't need the fans? A delete plate is included to cover up the ports.
-Rubber feet throughout the floor of the enclosure to protect your furniture and add stability.
- Bowden fitting ports on top and bottom that allow you to feed your filament from outside of the top panel or passthrough to the enclosure below when stacking enclosures. 


- Weather you have 1 printer or a growing print farm, this enclosure system will grow with you.
- Stackable enclosures. Depending on your needs, there are different configurations available. You may want an enclosure for your desk, a self standing enclosure, 2 stacked enclosures with a stand or maybe 3 stacked enclosure from the ground up. There are many combinations to choose from to fit your specific situation.




- Dimensions: 22" (w) x 22" (d) x 22" (h)

- Weight: TBD

Compatible Printers, but not limited to:

  • Ender 3
  • Ender 3 Pro
  • Ender 3 v2


  • Mini
  • MK3S
  • MK3S with MMU